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Vault Accounting 50: #41 – #50 (2011)

Wrapping up our series of posts on the Vault Accounting 50, we roll out the final ten.

And as always, if you’ve got anything newsworthy on these firms, get in touch with us at [email protected]:

41. Marks Paneth & Shron LLP – New York, NY
42. Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP – New York, NY
43. Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP – Garden City, NY
44. Stonefield Josephson, Inc. – Los Angeles, CA
45. Blackman Kallick – Chicago, IL
46. Aronson & Company – Rockville, MD
47. Schneider Downs & Co., Inc. – Pittsburgh, PA
48. Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc. – San Francisco, CA
49. Watkins, Meegan, Drury & Company, L.L.C. – Bethesda, MD
50. Frank Rimerman & Co. LLP – Palo Alto, CA

Vault’s buzz with the occasional commentary from us:

Marks Paneth & Shron LLP – “Good advertisements on LIRR”; “Slow advancement” [wonder if the ads were discussed with WeiserMazars?]

Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP – “No red tape”—“nimble enough to act on good ideas and make things happen”; “Too many mergers—a consolidation of small firms”

Margolin, Winer & Evens LLP – “[H]as nearly 200 employees in its offices in New York City and Long Island. The firm was founded in 1946, but the bulk of its growth came in the recent years—headcount almost doubled between 2001 and 2006.”

Stonefield Josephson, Inc. – “Founded in 1975, the California-based firm serves U.S. and international clients from offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, East Bay, Silicon Valley and Hong Kong.” [Recently joining team Marcum.]

Blackman Kallick – “Fun, young, energetic”; “Managers get mixed reviews” [And a decent Twitter feed that doesn’t overdue the hashtags, like some firms we know.]

Aronson & Company – “Reznick rival”; “Burns out employees” [Pretty good nonprofit blog.]

Schneider Downs & Co., Inc. – “Quality people (people who used to work there are easy to work with)”; “Unknown”

Burr Pilger Mayer, Inc. – Good size for the area but require tax and audit diversity”; “A copy of Armanino McKenna”

Watkins, Meegan, Drury & Company, L.L.C. – “Hitting the accounting scene in 1975, Watkins, Meegan, Drury & Co. has developed from an accounting firm with just three CPAs to one with three offices in Bethesda, Md.; Tysons Corner, Va.; and Annapolis, Md.”

Frank Rimerman & Co. LLP – “California’s Frank, Rimerman + Co. was founded in 1949 by a pair of Franks: Frank Rimerman and Robert Frank. When Frank Rimerman retired, his son Thomas Rimerman took over as the firm’s managing partner. Tom Rimerman is also known for his trailblazing stint as chairman of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; as head of the AICPA, Rimerman outlined a bold agenda to revamp financial reporting practices, passed a Uniform Accountancy Act, created a non-CPA affiliate membership within the AICPA and established federal financial management reforms.”

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