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Using a (Tax) Recruiter

I have a JD/LLM/CPA and I am a transactional attorney in a small town, where I do work for medium and high net worth individuals. I am looking to move to a more urban area and get more into corporate/business oriented work.  I’ve been practicing for about three years.

I am planning on applying to all of the big 4 directly through their in-house recruiters.  However, I also want to look into other options like law firms, private equity/investment funds, overseas firms, and really any other options that may be available given my background. I am thinking of connecting with a professional tax recruiter as part of the search process.  Is this an advisable move?  What can I expect from working with a professional recruiter?  Does anyone know of a recruiter that they will recommend?

I am not very choosy about where I end up, just as long as it’s interesting/exciting. Any advice is appreciated.