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(UPDATE) There’s a Settlement in the Works for the Big Overtime Suit Against PwC in California

The last update on Campbell v PricewaterhouseCoopers we had for you was back in May of last year, when the trial date was predictably changed (again), pushing the festivities off until March of this year.

Well, we're happy to tell you we have a little news. It seems both sides were able to "work things out" and a settlement is forthcoming.

A status conference was held yesterday, after the Plaintiffs filed "an Unopposed Motion for Preliminary Approval of Class Action Settlement and a [Proposed] Order Granting Preliminary Approval of Class Action Settlement." January 29th was previously scheduled to be the Final Pretrial Conference, meaning both sides waited until the last possible minute to meh and move on from this with a settlement instead of a trial. Show of hands who didn't see that coming?

Here's what we have to look forward to now:

In the event that this Court grants Preliminary Approval of the Settlement, Plaintiffs will file their Motion for Fees and Costs by February 25, 2015, and Plaintiffs will file their Motion for Final Approval by March 20, 2015, both of which will be addressed at the Final Approval Hearing.

It's awesome this could be worked out before, you know, the lawyers got involved. Oh wait, never mind.

We've emailed PwC for a statement, and will update when they get that to us.

Update: Defendants' lead counsel Dan Thomasch provides us with the following statement regarding the settlement:

"PwC properly classified the Plaintiffs as exempt employees, and continues to do so consistent with the settlement. The settlement resolves claims spanning a 12-year period brought on behalf of nearly 2,000 former and current Attest Associates, and avoids the costs of an eight to ten-week trial and subsequent appeal.”

Thanks for that, Dan. We mean it.