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Two Obscure Firms Get Together to Form a Slightly Larger Obscure Firm

merge.jpgCall us snobs for being ignorant about regional firms but until our New Firm Name Challenge, we’d never heard of J.H. Cohn and we’ve definitely never heard of Charles Brucia.
Regardless, the two firms are copulating to form a new firm but there won’t be a new name, which is pretty boring. According to Web CPA, “The firm will operate as Charles Brucia & Co., a division of J.H. Cohn.” Vomit.
This current get together follows JHC’s mergers with Frederic Kantor last summer and Good Swartz Brown & Berns last spring.
So at this pace of mergers, we’re predicting JHC will start throwing around “Global 6 Accounting Organization” somewhere around the 24th and one half Century.
J.H. Cohn Combines with Charles Brucia [Web CPA]