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Try Not to Hate on This 2013 Stanford MBA Graduate Making $522k Out the Door

Perhaps you've come across this report already today, which I figured I should share because we all love money AMIRIGHT and you guys are always so concerned with salaries while seeking career advice so let's talk about what a Stanford MBA can make based on Stanford's recently published employment report for the Class of 2013.

The lowest? $54,000 in "Media/Entertainment" which does not surprise me in the least since that's my chosen field and MAN I'm getting tired of these Friskies and mayo sandwiches.

The highest? An MBA grad with a business undergrad and three to five years of work experience banked before getting a graduate degree, who reported receiving a guaranteed annual bonus of $337,500. The bonus doesn't even cover potential tuition reimbursement, relocation expenses, auto allowances, profit sharing or stock/stock options. Based on the chart of median base salaries, assuming this person receives the median of $150,000 in private equity, that's a $522,500 pay day. NOT BAD, kid, not bad. 

Altogether, Stanford MBA grads reported a median base salary of $125,000, which is the same as last year.

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