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Treasury Analyst Who Stole Hundreds in Designer Clothes Was Sleep Deprived and Temporarily Lost His Mind

A Spanish-born analyst living in Dublin who lifted designer duds from a department store told a judge he had no idea what came over him. Twice. reports:

An accountant had a “moment of madness” when he shoplifted hundreds of euros worth of designer clothes that he could have afforded to buy.

[The accountant] (36) was suffering from sleep loss due to back pain and was at “a low ebb” when he carried out two “irrational” thefts in the same store.

According to LinkedIn, the man has been a Senior Treasury Analyst for AIG since 2019.

The Independent report said he took €570 and €120 (approx. $707 total) worth of designer clothing from Arnotts, an Irish department store. Dublin District Court Judge John Brennan noted the accused was “into designer stuff” and that he could have paid for the goods but supposed it was just a moment of madness on the man’s part. The gentleman “[who] was working full-time was ‘at a loss’ to understand why he did what he did,” wrote Independent. He had no priors on his record.