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There Are a Few Familiar Topics on the 2024 IRS Dirty Dozen List

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With the 2024 filing season winding to a close, the IRS is rolling out its annual ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of the “worst of the worst” scams taxpayers, business owners, and tax practitioners should be aware of. The latter group is, of course, not paying attention right now but will no doubt find this information useful when they can finally pop their heads up to get some air (thoughts and prayers to you all).

Some of this year’s winners are repeats from last year and of course Employee Retention Credit claims made an appearance.

Here’s the list so far, we’ll update as the rest of the list is released.

OK, we know what phishing is. WTF is smishing?

Smishing: A text or smartphone SMS message where scammers often use alarming language such as, “Your account has now been put on hold,” or “Unusual Activity Report,” with a bogus “Solutions” link to restore the recipient’s account. Unexpected tax refunds are another potential lure for scam artists.

Not mentioned is the ever-popular USPS/UPS/DHL/carrier pigeon “package undeliverable” message. Be careful clicking on links from unexpected senders.

We’ve also seen #TaxTwitter reporting they’re getting blown up by this specific email this year, an email that is only slightly odd compared to the very odd, typo-laden scam emails from stranded United States servicemen and newly rich royalty we’re used to. Kindly get a real job, Janet.

While you’re here, you may want to review the 2023 Dirty Dozen. Just because something fell off the list doesn’t mean it’s no longer a concern, only that a worse concern popped up on the IRS’ radar.

Stay safe out there.

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