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The 244th Largest Accounting Firm in the US Is Getting a Big New Office

boxes and wrapped furniture, moving offices

An accounting firm you’ve never heard of made the local news in a Tennessee town you’ve also never heard of for the firm moving into 55,000 square feet in a 128,000-square-foot building where 2,000 Citi call center grunts used to work.

According to earlier reporting, the property in Gray, TN (pop. 1,342) could have been turned into a school. Instead it will be filled with the glorious sound of dozens of accounting firm staff with earbuds in hoping no one talks to them once the space is ready for Blackburn Childers & Steagall PLC to move in.

Per a building permit pulled by Channel 11, a local construction company will be doing $265,000 of demo work first.

The current office is in one of those beige professional parks that make you question what you’re doing with your life when you pull into the parking lot every morning so this will be a nice upgrade.

BCS will be going from this…
…to THIS. Moving on up to the…whatever side of town this is on.

Why is this news? Because sometimes we like to hear about what the little guys are doing. It is also a strong signal that the littler firms are going all in on return-to-office and getting their staff under one roof these days. The MP literally said that. “We feel like being under one roof is going to help us give better client service and be more efficient with our work and gives us plenty of room to grow into the future,” said managing partner Andy Hatfield to WJHL. There’s another 75,000 square feet in their new building, no tenant has signed for now.

BCS is #244 on the esteemed INSIDE Public Accounting Top 500 with $18,594,028 in revenue.

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