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Talent-Strapped PwC Is That Desperate Ex Texting You With ‘WYD’ After You’ve Moved On

Leaving public accounting is rarely an easy decision, even when the choices are “stay or have a crippling nervous breakdown.” It’s not that the decision itself is hard, rather the consequences of taking an oftentimes necessary leap can lead to difficulties in securing subsequent employment if, as your accounting professors would have you believe, walking away from the Big 4 marks you as damaged goods for the rest of your illustrious accounting career.

Well, here’s some good news. Just like in elementary school when authority figures threatened you with the entirely made-up “permanent record” that was said to ensure your bad behavior would follow you like a cloud all your life, turns out you’d have to do something truly heinous to actually get permanently “marked” in public accounting. You can thank the Big 4 sausage grinder for that, it’s hard to be picky and hold grudges when you’re desperate for warm bodies to fill the chairs.

Speaking of warm bodies, here’s PwC on the hunt for some. Not any warm bodies, mind you, but familiar ones. Here, have this big-ass screenshot of a recent job posting on their website.

Look, things may have gotten rough toward the end but PwC has changed, for real. They have a robot that sings Happy Birthday FFS, how bad could things be? Maybe you should give them a chance. Again, I mean.

Anyone who has been through a bad breakup (or even just a regular one) can tell you that time heals all wounds. And that the best approach — once you’ve gotten the crying out of the way — is to slam the door on the past and go forward into your new chapter eyes straight ahead. But hey, some of us are more masochistic than others, sometimes it takes a few tries before realizing that no matter what you do, that square peg will never fit into that round hole.

Why does this feel like the ‘WYD’ group text from your skeezy ex? Sure, they want you back, but only because those hot audit associates from other firms aren’t answering their calls.

4 thoughts on “Talent-Strapped PwC Is That Desperate Ex Texting You With ‘WYD’ After You’ve Moved On

  1. I can vouch for this. Our office is extremely understaffed as a whole and we desperately need more experienced help (not 1st years like management thinks they can hire to get by) especially since we just picked up like 3 new clients despite the fact we were already struggling. Despite all that, this screenshot is still sad but unfortunately true which makes it hurt that much more.

  2. “Something truly heinous to get permanently marked” … you like when I sued them and won?? If so, then YES

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