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October 1, 2023

work life balance?

The Toll of Travel: An Interview With a Former Big 4 Advisory Road Warrior

A recent CNN article on “The Dark Side of Business Travel” outlines the downsides to frequent business travel, including mental illness, family problems, and a plethora of other health issues –- including radiation exposure from frequently flying too close to the sun. To someone who's never traveled extensively for work, business travel seems so glam. […]

If You Aren’t Getting the Work-Life Balance You Want, Maybe You Should Sue

This Fortune piece is probably just one big troll but if not, this could be a reality at an accounting firm near you: A slew of gender discrimination lawsuits coming out of big banks point to something we all already know: women in finance don’t have it easy. A male-dominated industry notorious for its long […]

Let’s Help Life at Deloitte Answer One Very Important Question

Is it just me or is this account getting worse by the day? You'd think I'd rejoice in its sticky sweet HR-approved drivel the more drivel-y it gets but I'm actually starting to feel bad for these people. Anyway, Life at Deloitte took a risk last week and asked one hard-hitting question: Power Lunch question: […]

Accounting Student Struggles with Love, Money, Blemish of Unknown Origin

We get some weird emails from time to time, some that are not weird enough to get published, some that are weirdly asking to be mocked and some that are… well… like this. We really aren't sure what's going on here — lacking context and all — but I guess this is some prospective "old" […]