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who says recruiters don’t have a sense of humor

Hide the Pain Harold giving a thumbs up

If This Is How Grant Thornton Recruiters Talk No Wonder They Can’t Find People to Work For Them

Today’s Grant Thornton roasting comes not from the PCAOB (like usual) but from r/accounting, also known as the magic genie from whence a wealth of content is born. We didn’t have time to create a fake resume, apply to one of the many, many open positions at GT, and hope we get the same recruiter […]

Recruiting Season Reason: When Tweeting Recruiters, Please Proofread Your Twats

Er, TWEETS, I meant proofread your TWEETS. Dang auto-correct. Srsly, kids, take a moment to make sure you're saying what you think you're saying. The Internet is forever. Or at least now it is. I'm not sure what she promised but I'm really hoping it wasn't this.