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What Would BoMo Do

EXCLUSIVE: Which Big 4 Big Shot Just Stepped Down With the Greatest Farewell Email?

Forgive us for running this before we've had an opportunity to confirm, we're waiting for a call back from our press contact but in the meantime, so many of you have sent this in that we're pretty confident this is anything but a joke. How did this happen?! More important, what just happened?! From: Robert […]

Big 4 Dude Says Dudes at His Firm Rewarded For Treating Non-Dudes Like Dudes

I love that the ridiculousness of "gender equality" and "diversity" as trendy buzzwords to say rather than the right thing to do is summed up so perfectly in this one tweet: At @PwC_LLP, Bob Moritz shares that men are rewarded for embracing diversity and gender equality. #MAKERS2014 — MAKERS (@MAKERSwomen) February 11, 2014 Let's all […]

What Is the Code For Watching This Video From PwC Philly’s Oscars Event?

I am beginning to think PwC's Philadelphia office is purposely trying to end up on Going Concern. All this video is missing is a cameo by Luigi. Be patient, it takes a minute to warm up.