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Just So You’re Aware: Cuba Is Developing a Children’s Video Game to Promote Taxes

We assume El Presidente is cognizant of the situation but we honestly don’t know what to make of Cuba allowing any semblance of private enterprise other than we hope this means the country will get back to something that closely resembles the Havana casinos in Godfather II.

“Tributin” or “Little Tax” is expected to be available this fall and sounds like it will be quite a gas:

“It is a fun software to help children learn about fiscal policy, because since they were born in a socialist society with some gratuities, they don’t have all the elements needed to understand taxes,” project director Dagoberto Marino told Reuters in a telephone interview.

“Tributin” would show children how the money they spend when they buy candy puts in motion mechanisms that benefit their communities in the form of school improvements.

Cuba plans children’s video game to promote taxes [Reuters via Tax Docket]

Just So You’re Aware: There Is a Zombie Accountant Video Game

And it has been described as “epic.”

Giving promotions to the white shirt and red tie wearing undead who can’t help but devour their co-workers for their own good? Sounds like a pretty realistic game.

Get to wasting some billable hours on the demo or full version by going to the Zombie Accountant page on Xbox’s website. And if you’re one of the few people that has a Windows phone, you can play it on the go.

You’re welcome.