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February 5, 2023

toxic work environments

Former and Current Alliantgroup Employees Speak Out About ‘Evil, Toxic, Emotionally Damaging Company’ (NEW UPDATE)

[Update to post originally published on May 25 with a fourth ex-Alliantgroup employee sharing their experience.] One thing I have learned since IRS Criminal Investigation and the Justice Department conducted a court-ordered raid of Alliantgroup’s Houston offices on May 20 is that there are A LOT of horror stories from ex-Ag employees about their experience working […]

biting co-worker

If You Find Yourself Biting a Co-worker, Maybe It’s Time to Find Another Job

I’m sure some of you work in dreadful conditions. Sure, you still have access to running water and a toilet, but sometimes it’s the mental and emotional toll that makes for of a terrible work environment. Now, before we let you all loose on your own personal stories of workplace horror, let’s enjoy the story […]


As Far As Horrible Bosses Go, The Ex-Fox News Comptroller Is Up There

Think your boss is awful? Like, god-awful? Whoever you’re thinking about right now for a horrible boss award, Judith Slater, the former comptroller of Fox News probably has them beat. The New York Times reported last week that two African-American employees sued Slater, their white boss, for racially harassing them for years. The lawsuit also […]

Accounting Had a Toxic Culture Before It Was Cool

In February 2013, one unfortunate former Big 4 intern asked his manager for Saturday morning off to rotate his tires. Instead of addressing the intern’s “noobish” request for time off on a Saturday in busy season, his managers forwarded that email to, and to Going Concern because -– “LOL, he needs time off during […]