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#WhatsNext: Return-Free Filing

It's time once again for our monthly yakfest, #WhatsNext, a co-production of Going Concern and Thriveal. Today we're talking about return-free filing, something that's been in the news lately, but an issue we've covered on here for quite some time and has been a topic of debate for a decade or more. As always, I'll […]

#WhatsNext: Results Only Work Environments

In our third edition of #WhatsNext, we're going to talk about Results Only Work Environments ("ROWE"). Wait, what? Yeah, you may have never heard of it, so no worries, we're going to talk about the basics and get into some particulars as well. Watch the whole thing below.

Inside Deeper Weekend and the Grassroots Movement to Transform the Accounting Profession

I had no idea what to expect at Thriveal’s 4th Annual Deeper Weekend other than ludicrously passionate accountants. It was held over two days in early November at a small gallery in West Greenville, South Carolina. When I arrived, a presentation was already going on with 60 or so people sitting in rapt attention.    […]

If You Want to Start Your Own Practice, You’ll Want to Get on This Boat

Last week Thriveal’s Deeper Weekend was held in South Carolina. The event is hosted by Jason Blumer and his Thriveal crew. The conference is for CPAs to get together and talk about their feelings, act like creatives, and watch Greg Kyte say funny stuff. Culture eats strategy for breakfast. And it shits profits. I think. […]