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a walmart cart in a parking lot

Accounting Career Conundrums: Disappointed Auditor’s Laziness Is Showing

Here is another career inquiry sent to [email protected] I confirmed with Caleb that none of the text was lost when it was transmitted to me. Staff auditor w/$40,000 pay approaching 6 years at small firm that does complex alphabet soup audits. ┬áBoss says not to come in early and not to stay late, created rules […]

Tax Accountant, Who Had the Audacity to Be Away From His Desk, Spots Endangered Fish

Apparently Rick Beletti, takes a "daily stroll" and spotted an Atlantic sturgeon, which is a big deal, I guess. His employer would do well to chain him to his desk so that he can maybe he could get some work done instead of dreaming about becoming Bill Dance. [WCVB]

Let’s Look at Some Random CPA Exam Statistics From California Colleges

This post comes courtesy of a reader request. If you would like specific CPA exam statistics, shoot me an email and I'll dig through the candidate performance book for you so you don't have to waste $90 on it yourself. You're welcome. What are the top California schools for CPA exam performance (based on 2010 […]