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September 25, 2023

saving a few bucks

a little wiener dog in snow

Apparently Staff at Deloitte UK Did Not Warm Up to the Firm’s Money-Saving Cold Office Policy

In what was a particularly dry day for news seeing as it was the first Monday of a new year and nothing ever happens in accounting anyway, yesterday’s Monday accounting news brief included a story ripped from BBC about Deloitte lowering the temps at its UK offices as policy. I shall endeavor to copy and […]

Just How Many CPA Roommates Can You Fit In a Single Apartment?

Ed. note: alert the sharks, there's new blood in the water! Awhile back, we put out a call for writers. Leona answered the call, was loved in Open Items and ambitious to get started on ruining her professional reputation by associating with us. Please give her a warm GC welcome, we'll have a proper bio […]