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Saturday open thread

Saturday Open Thread: The FASB Is All Show, No Substance

Welcome back to Saturday, folks. Once again, Saturday Open Thread is your opportunity to air any grievances, talk about your week, complain about failing the CPA exam, or berate Colin for the purple shirt he wore to the PCAOB open meeting on Wednesday. Let it all out, it'll help you head into Monday feeling slightly […]

Saturday Open Thread: What Is Wrong With You Kids These Days?

Since we wouldn't want you all going through GC DTs over the weekend, we're implementing a Saturday Open Thread. You are welcome to hijack the thread with your own concerns such as salary issues, work-life balance or the lack thereof, disconcerting March Madness rules at your firm, your colleagues' unfortunate wardrobe choices or the bizarre […]

This Unassuming Accountant Likes Nylons and Smoking After Doing It [NSFW]

Happy Saturday, people! If you're working, I'm sorry. If you're not, congratulations. Very rarely, we post something truly not safe for work. Berating your employer is probably not appreciated by said employer but I wouldn't call it entirely not safe for work since so many of you obviously DO manage to get here at work […]