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review notes

Let’s Talk About Bad Review Notes in the Most Bitter Way Possible

Anyone else beginning to feel the frustration building in the air? It's certainly hitting our tip box: Just received the world's worst review note from a new Senior – "Why are all of these columns different widths?" BECAUSE THEY HAVE DIFFERENT INFORMATION. Please write an article about stupid review notes. Is that really the world's […]

Protip: Threatening to Kill Your Colleagues, Even in the Midst of a Brutal Busy Season, Is Never Cool

Over the weekend, we received quite the disturbing item in the ole tip box. Our tipster did not leave an email address so we cannot possibly verify this but wanted to share anyway: Something very interesting happened to me during busy season.  An entry level threatened to kill me.  He wrote a note saying he […]

“Same As Last Year” and Inept Senior Auditors Are Failures of the Audit Industry

The following was written by a second year staff auditor who wishes to remain nameless. Clearly pounded out in the heat of frustration and perhaps a tad profanity-laden, it exposes a very serious problem that infects all corners of auditing from so-called "expert" auditors on down to brand new staff. Fresh-faced youngsters are often tasked […]