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These Twelve Questions Will Help You Figure Out If You’re Happy at Work

I’m positive none of you need a list to know whether or not you are happy at work but you’re getting one anyway. The Well+Being newsletter from The Washington Post recently shared this simple 12-step quiz, a proprietary survey created by Gallup and based on research from 2.7 million workers across 50 industries worldwide. The […]

Is It Time To Break Up With Your Big 4 Firm? A Quiz

Some of you are familiar with the ubiquitous Cosmopolitan Magazine quiz and for those of you who aren’t, well, sorry you’ve never quantified your sex life using a five question quiz developed by some sassy intern. Today we’ve got one of our own. Is It Time To Break Up With Your Big 4 Firm? Pick […]

According to This FINRA Foundation Quiz, 76% of Millennials Have Absolutely No Clue

For real?   Only 24% of millennials were able to answer 4 or more Qs correctly. How do you measure up? #quiz @FINRAFoundation ^ — Benjamin Bankes (@feedthepig) May 6, 2014 Now, I'm no accountant (as some of you like to remind me every. single. day) but I'd like to think I know a […]