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State of the Profession 2019: We Need to Talk About Accounting’s Big PR Problem

Not sure if anyone’s noticed but the profession is in trouble. You know it’s bad when the most cynical of cynics feels compelled to say yeah, this is kinda actually bad. Sure, I’ve talked plenty of smack over the years but I’ve also been one of the profession’s biggest cheerleaders, lifting up future CPAs when […]

Why Haven’t We Heard About Accounting Firms Helping Out Haiti?

Relief efforts.jpgBecause we’ve been looking for some PR and haven’t seen much.
We’ve got no doubt that accounting firms large and small are doing their part to help out the relief efforts there but we’re surprised about the lack of PR. Other than a brief memo (PDF below) from the AICPA that we saw on Twitter this morning, we haven’t seen much of anything.
Our sister site Above the Law has covered the many law firms that have donated to the efforts in Haiti but we haven’t seen anything on accounting firm donations efforts. Even, everyone’s favorite ward of the state, Citi, is helping out in the big way.
Maybe it’s being kept internal but it seems like an opportunity to demonstrate what firms are doing to help.
If your firm has made efforts, or if you’re a PR professional for your firm and you have a press release describing your firm’s efforts let us know and we’ll spread the good word.