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potential for disaster

EY building

With Project Everest on Pause, Let’s Pause a Sec to Shed a Tear For EY’s Reputation As Transaction Advisors

Not a good look, you guys. Then there’s this — unconfirmed and now removed — post on Fishbowl a couple days ago: “This will be resolved within weeks, not months, because we not only need momentum across the deal but we need clarity for all our stakeholders,” said Patrick Winter, EY’s Asia-Pacific managing partner a […]

EY building

The EY Split is Falling TF Apart

Ever since “Project Everest” was announced last year there have been delays, complaints, and constant reassurance from leadership that things are going forward as planned, depending on market conditions. Only a week ago Global Managing Partner Andy Baldwin told Bloomberg Radio that a few details needed to be hammered out — specifically how legal liability […]

Let’s Just Say You’re an Ex-KPMG Employee Who Mistakenly Received a Corporate Card in the Mail…

Need ideas for working off those busy season pounds? Do you find yourself in a slightly more than average professional predicament? Wonder who would win in a Royal Rumble of Top 10 accounting firm CEOs? We've got answers. Email us.  So, yesterday, I’m opening my mail and am thrilled to find an envelope from Diners […]