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October 2, 2023


Let’s Talk About the Denis Field Tax Shelter Verdict Before We Get Any More Angry Emails

Alright, we have to admit we totally blew reporting this in a timely manner — or rather, I did, because it happened while Colin was off doing whatever it is he does when he isn't working. And someone named Jayne Field (coincidence?) made sure to let us know. In her first email, she sticks to […]

Accountant Addicted to Love Has Been Located; First Date To Be Determined

It was just last week that Victor the Spartan was on the hunt for Lauren, an accountant addicted to love (presumably in the Robert Palmer sense).

The picture at right represented Victor’s preferred method of stalking tracking down Lauren.

And despite the odds and the skeptics, the Spartan has reported that the hunt was a success:

Found her! We have not had a chance to get together but I am excited for it to happen. You always have to try if you want something. I’m glad i did.

Now, we’d like to think we were partially responsible for this happening but there’s no indication that is the case. Anyway, best of luck and all that. We’re sure this just the beginning of a great love story that will become a best seller – “Accountants like double entry” – or something.