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Partners say the darndest things

Considering a Move? Don’t Believe Everything Partners Tell You to Convince You to Stay

Thinking about leaving public accounting? You are not alone. With burnout and attrition at an all-time high, partners will tell you almost anything to keep you on board. Often half-truths at best, the lies told to staff, seniors, and managers alike are nothing new. Here are some of my personal favorites: Lie #1: If you […]

Guy May Have Gone Through Puberty While Working At KPMG

“Well, I’m KPMG man and boy. I actually did engineering at university and then decided that I wanted to get a business qualification alongside that, so I joined the KPMG audit team in Glasgow and did my charted accountant training there. And then post-qualifying I moved into our transaction services team in order to implement […]

In Honor of Labor Day, Here’s a Guy Who Would Take a Bullet for PwC

Y’all think he makes a Facebook post like this on his wedding anniversary? Nah, me neither.

Overly Emotional PwC Partner Reminds Everyone In the Most Emotional Way Possible Not To Get Emotional About Penn State

The following email came out of PwC this morning and before we get to the part where we all stand here with our jaws on the floor wondering what we just read, let's all take a moment and remind ourselves that this is still a sensitive situation, one that remains pretty heated and emotional for […]