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September 22, 2023

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UK money

PwC UK Partners Will Not Be Celebrating Record-Breaking Million Dollar Payouts This Year

Last year, 950 PwC UK equity partners were treated to record-breaking £1 million pound ($1.2 million) payouts, effortlessly beating the 2020 high of £868,000 and quite a leap from £765,000 in 2019. Sadly for them they won’t be cruising right past a million this year. Reports The Guardian: More than 1,000 partners at the UK division […]

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Already Underpaid PwC UKers Get Told Bonuses Will Suck This Year

Although Big 4 audit fees have increased so much in the last several years clients wrote a strongly worded letter to complain about it, PwC UK told its 25,000 staff last week that things will be tight this year. “Challenging” market conditions mean smaller raises (if they get raises at all) and bonuses. Oh yay. […]

UK money

The Most-Fined Big 4 Firm in the UK is Raising Audit Fees, Knows Clients Will Complain About It

Bloomberg reported today that KPMG UK CEO Jon Holt told them the firm plans to raise audit fees, news that comes on the same day we find out KPMG UK revenue increased 12% to £2.72 billion ($3.3 billion) for their fiscal year ending in September. Much of that did not come from audit however, deal […]

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Big Clients Bitch to Big 4 Firms About Audit Fees, Get Pissy About Partner Pay

Across the pond, audit fees are up (22% in four years) and apparently the companies paying these fees are unhappy about it. Financial Times has seen a letter written from CFOs at FTSE 100 companies in the UK to their Big 4 auditors that says “[it is] difficult for us to sit quietly as Big […]

The Pandemic Paid Off For PwC Partners Across the Pond

Good afternoon and happy Monday, grunts. Boy do I have something that is going to warm your cold black hearts. As we can all agree, the last year and a half has been rough. We’ve all had to make sacrifices, though thankfully many of us have at least gotten through it without having to put […]