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Lawyer, Accountant Slam Each Other’s Professions in the South Carolina Governor’s Race

Forgetting about politics for a second – the gubernatorial race in South Carolina has gotten personal as the camps of Nikki Haley (R) and Vincent Sheheen (D) sling mud at each other’s chosen profession.

Sheheen isn’t impressed with Haley’s tardiness on paying taxes saying, “I think it’s particularly problematic that she would not pay her employee withholding because that money really belongs to the employee. … For somebody who claims their accounting skills are a reason why she should be elected governor, I think that’s particularly disturbing.”

Sheheen goes so far to say that Haley is completely out touch with South Carolinians who have to pay taxes and eat, something that Nikki Haley presumably does not do, “I think she’s just out of touch with regular people in South Carolina who do pay their taxes and do have to buy food and put it on their table.” Maybe the Haley family just eats their meals over the sink; it’s not entirely clear.

Haley’s camp fired back, citing Sheheen’s snakey-ass lawyer ways:

Haley’s campaign fired a broadside at Sheheen this week, noting that he was endorsed by The Injury Board Blog Network, a national group of personal injury attorneys. It noted that Sheheen, a lawyer, voted to weaken a tort reform bill in 2005.

“The entrenched special-interest network of trial lawyers and personal injury attorneys is circling the wagons for Vince Sheheen,” said Haley’s communications director, Rob Godfrey.

But guess what?!? Vinny Sheheen is a-okay with that. He’s a successful lawyer, not some two-bit accountant-cum-tax dodger, “I hope everybody endorses me. I’d rather have a successful lawyer as my governor than an accountant who doesn’t pay her taxes.”

Obviously, both these candidates are complete losers and our friends in the Palmetto State are going to end up with a shitty new governor. But that’s the way our country works so let’s see what you think. If you had to choose between these two clowns:

Sheheen blasts Haley over taxes [Charleston Post Courier]

Here’s Why Nikki Haley’s Late Tax Returns Aren’t a Big Deal

Reportedly, South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley likes to cite her experience as an accountant on the campaign trail.

That’s all well and good but now there are reports all over the web that Ms Haley has a helluva time filing her taxes on time and that she and her husband racked up some fines because of their tardiness. This, of course, has people freaking out because A) she’s running for public office and B) because she’s an accountant.

The AP reports, “Tax records released Wednesday by Haley’s campaign show she and her husband have filed their taxes late since at least 2004. Haley is a fiscal conservative and tea party favorite who cites her experience as an accountant on the campaign trail. The state legislator and her husband have been fined nearly $4,500 over five years. Haley’s spokesman Rob Godfrey says the Haleys filed extensions when necessary and have paid what was required.”

What the AP doesn’t tell you, that everyone in the biz knows, is that accountants like Haley likely don’t know a damn thing about taxes. There’s nothing to indicate that she has work experience as a tax accountant. It’s a common misconception amongst non-beancounters that accountant = tax genius. Obviously this is bullshit and that the truth of the matter is that most non-tax accountants would rather chew broken glass than even consider picking up a Master Tax Guide.

Further, since Haley and her husband’s income has nearly tripled since the year she was elected to the SC house, they probably started using a CPA and got used to blowing off their taxes until October. Happens all the time.

Besides, since Ms Haley is endorsed by Sarah Palin and the Tea Party, this can only strengthen her base with these people. They only wish they had the money and the fortitude to blow off their tax responsibilities like Ms Haley.

Records: SC gov candidate Haley paid taxes late [AP]