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September 21, 2023


Accountant Behaving Badly: Cherry Bekaert Partner Arrested For Allegedly Peeing In Someone’s Gas Tank

Today’s “Accountant Behaving Badly” comes via a tip from a reader. Usually public accounting firm partners get into trouble for insider trading, participating in some elaborate fraud, or sexually harassing a subordinate. But Cherry Bekaert partner William Billips got himself into trouble for allegedly going on a rampage after getting kicked out of a Nashville […]


Hiring Watch ’19: BDO Nashville Wants You and Some of Your Friends

It looks like EY isn’t the only firm going on a hiring spree in Nashville. BDO is getting some new digs and will be needing some new capital market servants. The Nashville Post reported: Fifth + Broadway developer Brookfield Properties on Tuesday announced professional services firm BDO USA will take space in the multi-building development’s […]

Hiring Watch ’19: EY Is Looking for Warm Bodies to Fill New Tax and Tech Jobs In Nashville

Back in November, EY and Tennessee state officials made a big to-do about the Big 4 firm signing a lease at a new 10-story office building being constructed in the Music Row district of Nashville. And during that press conference, EY announced that it would be adding 600 jobs in Nashville over the next five […]

Can Any Big 4 Folk in Nashville Help This Young Lady?

A call for action, Nashville market, we know you’ve been dying to have your moment in the spotlight.

I currently work for a Big 4 firm but I’m looking to move to Nashville. I know firms vary from each city and would like to get information on Nashville before deciding to try and transfer or see if there were openings in other firms. I would like to know the sizes of the different office and the clients for each firm. Is there any where that shows this information? I’ve tried searching online and can’t find anything and was hoping I could get input from anyone who has worked in that market.

Nashville, huh? We’re guessing there must be a man involved here but without knowing the specifics, you’re doing the right thing by sniffing the market out first. You probably already know that you’re not going to be making San Francisco or New York money but hopefully we can get some info for you.

If no one is going to speak up, there’s always Glassdoor. It lists Deloitte manager salaries in the $60 – $105k range. You didn’t say what firm you’re looking at (or if you care) but that’s a start.