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September 25, 2023

life in public accounting

Life in Public Accounting: Expectations vs. Reality

You are here reading this very website because at some point, it dawned on you that this whole thing is kinda bullshit. So, in that spirit, let’s take a look at the soul-crushing reality that is made only more depressing due to your unrealistic, pre-public expectations.

The Forgotten Spouses of Public Accounting

We talk a lot about what you all go through during busy season, but what about those people in your life who barely see you for several months out of the year? You know, your spouse, your kids, your dog? What are they going through day after day, watching you grind out the very last bit of effort you have just to take out the garbage?

Going Concern Presents: Public Accounting Horoscopes

Wondering what the stars have in store for you today? Wonder no more, GC faithful!

How To Not Tick Off Your Public Accounting Colleagues Without Being a Clown About It

Last week, Caleb linked to and provided commentary on Lifehacker’s, “How Not to be the Coworker Everyone Hates.” And while the advice provided therein was certainly accurate and useful, the piece had two glaring shortcomings as it relates to public accounting. First, the title was misleading. Follow through on the four tips found in the […]