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Last minute gift ideas

This Flask-Calculator Is the Perfect Gift for the Accountant Who Drinks Everything

With the end of year fast approaching, many of you will need something discreet to cope with all the busy season problems. To the internet! #busyseason is coming. So if you're giving a gift to a #CPA – make it good! #auditlife #taxlife #giftidea #flask — Crystal G. Knight (@CKnightCPA) December 22, 2015   For […]

An Alternative to the Bob Dylan Christmas Album

zelin4.jpgSo in case you weren’t aware, there is a singing CPA that actually puts out albums. He wrote a song for Sarbanes-Oxley’s fifth birthday, has appeared on Nightline and yes, he has a Christmas album.

Make fun if you want but we dare you to deny the song-writing genius of someone that mentions Martha Stewart, Pavarotti, Al Capone, and Dennis Kozlowski in one song (“Deck the Halls with Calculators”).

And then of course, there’s this: