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September 22, 2023

Labor Day

The PwC Pillow Has More of a Life Than You Do

Tim Ryan must be taking his favorite pillow camping this Labor Day weekend: View this post on Instagram A post shared by @vp_pillow You forgot a hashtag, Pillow. #PwCProud Related article: Move Over @MickelsonHat, a PwC Pillow Is Taking the Social Media World By Storm

Is Everyone at Ernst & Young Excited About the Four Day Weekend?

There has to be some tax people working. Just a hunch. If your plans have been ruined, we want to hear about it.

Labor Day: Long Weekend or Just a Long Weekend?

Labor Day.jpgAs the psychological end of summer approaches, there’s an issue out there that we find confusing. We heard a rumor that KPMG is requiring its remaining faithful to take Friday as PTO, even though some offices have kindly asked for their employees’ to squeeze in some extra time for the month of September.
On the one hand we’re sure lots of you don’t have to be asked twice to take an extra day of PTO. However, this is still America, which means if you’re inclined to spend an extra eight hours in your massive gray cubicle, to comply with your office’s request of 50 hour weeks, you’re allowed to do so.
The risk the firms run here is that by extending a typical three day bender into a fourth, this will allow you additional time to seriously consider saying, “To hell with this,” and fulfilling your lifelong dream of becoming a freak show performer.
So discuss in the comments the upcoming weekend and whether your firm is putting the gun to your head (and if you’re cool with that) to start the festivities early or if you’re expecting a long romantic weekend with your spreadsheets.