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Someone Obviously Needs More Billable Hours

Where do you draw the line between a hobby and hoarding? Probably right here, with the young UK accountant so obsessed with ice cream he bought the ice cream truck he used to patronize as a kid:

Chris Copner loves everything to do with ice creams, so much so that he has a house full of memorabilia, including bins, signs, and Matchbox vans.

Chris – who no doubt counts 99 among his favourite numbers – spent £1,400 on the 1976 Ford MKI Transit van after he saw that it was up for sale and recognised its number plate from photos of him as a child.

He has since restored it to its former beauty, complete with all the old-school favourites such as Rocket lollies and Mr Whippy ice cream, at his home in Abergavenny.

The 23-year-old said: “It all started off when I was about five and my friends and I used to wait for the ice cream van to come each day. I just remember being fascinated by it so I started buying little Matchbox cars and vans and my collection just grew and grew from there.

Copner admits to having quite the hoard, including a cabinet full of stuff at his home and boxes upon boxes in his house, as well as a bunch stashed away in the homes of his parents and grandparents. Man, why am I paying $50 a month for my storage unit?

Strangely, the young number-cruncher has no idea why he loves ice cream vans so much. “I don’t really know why I became so fascinated by ice cream vans,” he said. “I think it was the anticipation of waiting for it to come when I was a kid.” Actually reading that makes his love of waiting for something to happen all that much clearer.

IRS Agent Who Threw Temper Tantrum Faces 55 Years for Threatening Treasury Agents, Filing False Returns

Last summer we told you about an IRS agent who threw a temper tantrum after threatening to kill Treasury Agents they showed up to search his home.

Just briefly refresh, after the agents stopped Albert Bront from going back into his house, where he kept three loaded guns (no doubt they were Remingtons), he was shoved into the back of the car where “he kicked the front seat of the law enforcement vehicle and pounded the door with his elbow.”

Besides the small matter of telling Federal Agents that ‘I’m Going to Kill All of You!’ Bront has also been indicted for filing false returns and helping others file false tax returns. Web CPA reports that he is convicted on all 16 counts in the indictment he faces 55 years in adult prison.

While we are firmly against the violence, we fully support seat kicking, foot stomping, pouting and all around conniption fits for those that feel wronged by the IRS. At the very least, it’s more effective than marching on the Internet.

IRS Agent Indicted for Threatening Investigators [Web CPA]

IRS Agent Threatens to Kill Treasury Agents Then Throws a Conniption Fit

Perhaps buckling under the mere thought of looking through 52,000 different UBS accounts for tax evasion, an IRS Agent in Valencia, CA threatened Treasury Agents with “I’m going to kill all of you!” when they attempted to search his home.

When the agents tried to serve the warrant, Bront tried to rush back inside his home, where he kept three loaded guns, but a Treasury agent aimed a gun at him and another drew out a baton. After his arrest, he kicked the front seat of the law enforcement vehicle and pounded the door with his elbow before telling the agents he didn’t mean it when he threatened to kill them.

Not withstanding the seriousness of threatening federal officers, the image of a 49 year old man kicking the front seat of a car like a child that didn’t get any ice cream is almost too much for us to bear.

IRS Agent: ‘I’m Going to Kill All of You!’ [Web CPA via TaxProf Blog]