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September 29, 2023

data security

How to Protect Sensitive Client Data When Your Pathetic Staff is Bringing Shady Ladies Home to Bang

This guy showed up when I searched for “dork” on the stock photo site, not the actual guy in the story. The description is “Peeping tom, Staring man, Creepy man image.” Good enough. H. Dennis Beaver, Esq. (great name btw), I don’t know who you are but I do know I’m glad you wrote this […]

If Your Password Is ‘123456,’ You Are Dumb and Lazy

From ZDNet: After analyzing 275,699,516 passwords leaked during 2020 data breaches, NordPass and partners found that the most common passwords are incredibly easy to guess — and it could take less than a second or two for attackers to break into accounts using these credentials. Only 44% of those recorded were considered “unique.” The password manager solutions […]