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September 28, 2023

come on guys how many years have you had to get this right?

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Upcoming Inspection Report Deficiencies Are ‘Completely Unacceptable,’ Writes PCAOB Chair in Venomous Op-Ed

We’re not sure how many more times it needs to be said and it’s shocking Public Company Accounting Oversight Board Chair Erica Y. Williams does not have severe audit firm-induced trichotillomania (to our knowledge) because here she is again warning auditors that the PCAOB is tired of them being so terrible at auditing. To get […]

PCAOB Sick of Audit Firms Playing Dumb with ICFR Standard

The PCAOB is still chugging along spitting out reports about how sucky the firms are at doing audits, this time releasing their observations from the 2010 inspections of domestic annually inspected firms regarding deficiencies in audits of internal control – which, in fewer words, is a dig at how crappily the firms are testing internal […]