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the billable hour

Exposure Drafts: The Billable Hour Has Some Kinks

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Exposure Drafts: One Way for Accounting Firms to Pay for Family Leave Programs

Exposure Drafts appears every other Wednesday. Send comments and suggestions to [email protected].

Are You Guilty of Time Theft?

Firms preach you should charge all hours you work to the proper charge code. Simple right? Unfortunately, not all employees do as they are told. In fact, time theft is running rampant in public accounting. And it appears to be one of the biggest elephants in the room that no one is addressing. So let’s […]

Ron Baker: You Can Put Lipstick on Billing by the Hour But Don’t Call It Value Pricing

And all the people in the church say AMEN!   Fixed price could just be hourly rate fixed in advance. That's just hourly billing in drag. #QBOchat — Ron Baker (@ronaldbaker) January 15, 2015 The prophet has spoken.

McGladrey Reminds Audit Staff to Stay Billable This Busy Season

McGladrey isn’t just clinging to the billable hour, they’re trying to put a ring on it.

Another List of the Best Accounting Firms to Work For, And Another Reason to Hate These Lists

If you hate your job, it's clearly because you don't work for one of Accounting Today's "100 Best Firms to Work For." Every year they come out with this list, and every year it bugs the hell out of me. I don't totally get the methodology of determining and ranking the list, mostly because I […]