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being gay is OK

The Case For Coming Out at Work

Accounting firms' PR departments have seemed bent on talking about "covering" of late along with the usual diversity and inclusion nonsense, encouraging their professionals to "be themselves." As we all know, this is generally terrible advice, especially if "yourself" is a complete jerk. The issue is so pervasive that a Deloitte study found not only […]

Now Would be a Good Time for Closeted Gay Partners to Come Out

According to this recent piece over at the Wharton Knowledge blog, it's starting to look like just a matter of time before a Fortune 500 CEO gets the balls (or, ovaries, if applicable) to come out of the closet: Being gay or lesbian in America in the past half decade has meant watching barriers fall […]

Deloitte Claims to Fire Clients Who Reject Gay Consultants

Last year, we had a pretty candid conversation about gay. We talked and talked and talked until we were blue in the face (there's a joke there I'm missing, I'm sure). At the end, I don't think we got any closer toward getting a feel of how comfortable public accounting is with gay, and in […]