No doubt many a KPMG employees have thought to themselves, “If Warhol painted the KPMG namesakes, what would they look like?”

As you can see, you no longer have to wonder.

It just so happens that the Pittsburgh office’s alumni get-together will be at the Warhol Museum and our tipster wondered if this money could have been better spent on the Steel City employees:

I have a feeling the local partners spent the extra money they didn’t give out in bonuses (note bonuses were given, I’m just saying they could have been bigger) on hiring someone to “Warhol” out the KPMG founders below. Great artistry though.

Frankly, we’re of the opinion that this might be some of the best money the Steel City office has ever spent. However, it’s entirely possible that KPMG does some work for the museum and they’re swapping services, which again, seems like a pretty good deal.

Here’s the full invite:

We’re not Warhol experts so we’ll let you debate the artwork but we do have a few takeaways:

1. KPMG has a knight!

2. Three out of four rocking ‘staches.

3. Is it “Uncle Piet”? Or “Uncle Peat”?

4. What’s with three sour faces, KPM? At least Goerdeler looks like someone you would want to work for.

Any other questions? Leave them below.