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Let’s Discuss: 2012 CPA Exam Pass Rates

We don't really have any theories behind the enormous improvement in CPA exam scores for 2012; maybe it's something in the water, maybe it's that the exam is getting easier like all the old school paper-and-pencil people say, maybe it's that shift in consciousness the Mayans promised. Whatever. They're up and that's what matters. Here […]

The Ten Best CPA Exam Freakouts Of 2012

My esteemed (?) colleague has been having fun with slideshows since TPTB told us "go ahead and take it easy for the holidays, your loyal readership aren't at work anyway," now it's my turn. This has been a pretty uneventful year in CPA exam world. Well, unless you count a pile-up in Audit exams we'll […]

Zombie CPAs, Grant Thornton Temporary Tattoos, and Porn Stars: The Going Concern Editor’s Picks for 2012

I won't bother pinpointing the number of blog posts or the thousands of words I've written over the past year, but I'll just say that it was a lot. There's always something for everyone — gossip, Twitter trolling, money-envy and occasionally fringe-journalism will even find its way into these pages.  Anyway, we create so many […]