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Survey Reminder: Our Intentions Are Good, We Swear

integrity.jpgRegardless of how you feel about a certain editor’s grammar or questionable mental state you’ll be doing us a huge solid by taking our reader survey.
This isn’t like those big firm surveys where we’ll shamelessly exploit the good feedback and present the bad feedback as a terrible joke at the end of the presentation.
No, we’ll only use your personal information for the forces of good. Your ideas will help GC reach new heights of useful and occasionally funny information.
Plus, since you have a chance to win a $100 AMEX gift certificate, it’s totally worth a fraction of just one your chargeable hours today. We don’t know what the return is on that but it beats the hell out of an ice cream scoop.
Besides, it’s not like we have diabolical plans to brainwash you all to form some sort of bean counter army. What would be the point of that? Start our own firm?
Thanks for your participation.