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Survey: Accountants Want to Spend As Little Time In the Office As Humanly Possible This Summer


Here’s something that Adrienne and I are completely in agreement with:

In a recent survey from staffing firm Accountemps, employees said the best summer perks their companies could provide to them are flexible schedules (52 percent) and early departure on Fridays (27 percent).

But which perks are employers actually offering? Fifty-four percent of senior managers said flexible schedules, and only about one in three (32 percent) reported allowing staff to leave early on Fridays. Other common warm-weather benefits cited by companies were relaxed dress codes (53 percent) and activities such as picnics or potlucks (48 percent). Unfortunately, these were the least likely to win over employees, according to the survey.

The grandaddy of all summer perks — Omaha Steaks from KPMG.

To our dismay, freezers stocked with popsicles and ice cream bars, ice cream packages, ping-pong tournaments, and the grandaddy of all summer perks, Omaha Steaks, didn’t make the cut.

While some people would kill to be able to wear jeans to work on Fridays in the summer (like my wife) and grilled meats and ice cream are good, give me those half-day Fridays and just be done with it.

I agree with what Caleb wrote a couple years back:

Fridays in June through August are a waste. [E]veryone’s bloodthirsty for long weekends again. Even if you do need to go in on a Friday, don’t plan on using email or the phone because no one will respond.

According to Accountemps, professionals in Atlanta and Tampa, FL, want “summer Fridays” the most, while firms in Charlotte, NC, and Denver are most likely to allow early Fridays. The firms with the biggest jerks, who are least likely to offer this perk, are located in Detroit, Cleveland, and Sacramento, CA.