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Studying for the CPA Exam Goes Mobile

There’s a new mobile CPA exam study tool out there, and for once it isn’t direct from one of the major CPA review players. In fact, it’s designed by a former CPA exam candidate:

Studying for the CPA (Certified Public Accountancy) Exam just got a little easier as company CPAGoMobile recently released an app for the iPhone. The app allows users to build customizable practice tests drawing from a pool of over 1,000 multiple choice questions. Candidates have the options to target specific topics, choose question types, and analyze their progress reports to decide what to study next.

CPAGoMobile joins the ever widening landscape of educational apps geared towards professional licensure and examinations. Apps for the SAT, GMAT, Bar, and MCAT exams have given an injection of flexibility into candidates’ study routines by allowing them to study anytime and anywhere.

“When I was studying for the exam and working full time, commuting back and forth with a backpack full of textbooks was not fun. After finishing the exam, I looked at the stack of books and thought: there must be a better way,“ said Chris Armstrong, founder of CPAGoMobile. “Passing the CPA Exam is a difficult undertaking on its own, so any opportunity to make studying more manageable and efficient should be grabbed with both hands. Sure, there will always be a place for more traditional study methods, like books and notes, but I think these types of apps represent the next logical evolution on how we study and I’m excited to be a part of it.”

Download the new app for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad via iTunes here. Questions will run you about 8 cents a piece (the app itself is free to try) if you average out the $19.99 cost for each section.

Please note that the app does not contain IFRS material yet, but the developers have promised they will integrate new material in their next update.

The app is not intended to replace a full, comprehensive review but meant to serve as a useful supplement to your regular study routine that is accessible anywhere you might find yourself.