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Sorry Ladies, This Ryan Gosling Look-alike Is Just an Accountant

If you're in Detroit and had your picture taken recently with a guy who you thought was eye-candy actor Ryan Gosling, you should know that it was simply a tax accountant who looks quite a bit like eye-candy actor Ryan Gosling.

It just so happens that when this tax accountant, Doug, wears sunglasses and a strategically placed hoodie, women blinded by celebrity love can't tell AT ALL

Some key moments:

  • The enormous face cut-out.
  • The girls that were hyperventilating.
  • "Am I going to get arrested?

I was getting worried for a second there. I'm surprised no one tried to rip his clothes off.

Anyone know Doug? Where he works, what area of tax he's in? Doug, you out there? Email us. You're going on our Pinterest Accounting Hotties board, FYI.

[via Atlantic Wire]