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Service Line Jump and Career Discussion

Hi GC,

I started woking as a Tansfer Pricing associate with one of the Big4 in NYC around a year ago following the completion of my master's degree in public policy. At this point, I'm not sure if TP is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I'm not exactly sure if the reasons for my disinterest are entirey intrinsic to TP, as long work hours and low pay in the initial years may be something more endemic to the Big 4 culture as a whole. But even if I were to ignore the work-life balance aspect and the compenation aspect, I don't find the work very rewading. It could be possible that I'm still not used to life as a full-time professional after being in school practically all my life, and my inability to mentally cope with the rigors of a full-time job may be sub-consciously manifesting in the form of my disinterest in TP. But I digress.  

At this point I want to begin exploring different service lines to figure out what they entail in order to make an informed deision about perhaps making a jump to something that I may find more rewarding. I find so many terms being thrown around: audit, assurance, transaction advisory, transaction tax, etc. etc. So my questions would be

1) Could you guys please help me understand what sort of work each service line entails?

2) Could you also share your relevant personal experiences, if any, when you found yourself doing work you did not find interesting?