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The Second Batch of CPA Exam Scores Has Been Released for the October/November Testing Window

For those of you whose lives have been revolving around the chase of the most coveted credential for accountants, it's unfortunate that you had really nothing to share with family and friends over the holiday weekend in the way of interesting life events.

NASBA waited until today to drop scores, so presumably you had very little to contribute:

Besides, offering things like, "Well, Uncle Bob, I'm just waiting for AICPA to release my AUD score to NASBA and then I should be a CPA. I have failed a couple of times, but I'm pretty sure I nailed it this time," around the dinner table doesn't get the relatives ooohing and ahhhing like the new eating and pooping machine brought into the world by that Fertile Myrtle sister of yours. 

Your real family doesn't understand what you're going through anyway. They just wanted an explanation of the fiscal cliff.  

But this is your time now, and we, your GC family, want to hear the news of your victory (or defeat) because that what family does. We're there to high-five you when things go great and we're there to remind you that "not everyone is a test-taker" when you fail FAR for the fourth time.

So we invite you to let out all the emotion that has been bottled up over the last four days. It's far more acceptable to do it here than skipping around the office or sitting in the conference room with the lights off.