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Rumor of the Day: A Big 4 Firm Picked Up an Out-of-This-World Audit Client

From the tipline yesterday:

EY just won the NASA audit.

Well that’s a pretty nice get for the Black and Yellow. Our source didn’t have much more info to share other than (s)he found out during a Government and Public Sector call on Wednesday and that EY prevailed in the competitive bidding process.

So which audit firm lost NASA as a client? It wasn’t a Big 4 firm. It was CliftonLarsonAllen, which has been the agency’s independent auditor since 2016 when it replaced PwC.

While we’re fairly confident this rumor is true, we haven’t yet been able to confirm the EY/NASA hook-up with either EY or NASA—neither one has responded to a request for comment.

Anyone else with direct knowledge of EY’s new spacey client can let us know using the contact info below.

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6 thoughts on “Rumor of the Day: A Big 4 Firm Picked Up an Out-of-This-World Audit Client

  1. We are hearing win after win, however, this has been a worst year for employees at senior level. We are asked to work crazy number of hours every day, and at the end of the year senior management gets all the profits and bonuses. It is frustrating what is going on here in EY London with no pay increase, no bonus and no promotion. Promotiond are done based on personal likes and dislikes of few people which is very frustrating for all for us.

    1. Same thing here for another B4 somewhere in the western US. Been busting my rear on multiple engagements. Worked 3 months straight without a day off. Won some work even during COVD. My supervisor could give 2 sh!ts, isn’t putting me up for promotion. Meanwhile, one of my colleagues, who doesn’t contribute to the Firm at all other than his 40 chargeable hours per week on a loan staff gig, just got promoted.

  2. It does seem like they change a lot when they are not required to. I don’t think they like getting comments in their report. The auditor before the last one was PWC and they didn’t have any reportable issues. They are shopping.

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