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BEC meme

Actually RIP the entire four-part CPA exam. Tomorrow, December 15, 2023, is the last day anyone will ever sit for BEC before it shuffles off into examination heaven and takes written communication with it. That’s right, no more written communication on the CPA exam.

Wyoming and Idaho were the states with the latest application deadline for BEC — November 15 — while most others cut off re-exam NTSs on November 12 and first-time NTSs on October 1. Basically if you were going to do it, you’ve long missed the window. That’s it, it’s gone. Finito. Shame, too, as it has consistently been the section with the highest pass rate since 2011.

CPA exam pass rates since 2006 via Wikipedia

We shall now observe a minute of silence for the junk drawer of the CPA exam. 🫡

Those who got a section in just before tomorrow’s deadline should expect their scores on December 27. Anyone who didn’t sit before the cut off will be having a good old time waiting for scores come 2024.