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Review Comments | 12.03.09

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for tweedie.jpgJDA rolls in with >75 tomorrow so if you’ve got any questions on the CPA Exam, send them to our tips mailbox.
International Accounting Standards Board has “disgraced itself,” says critic – Can you say that about a knight? [CFOZone]
Its Future in Limbo, the PCAOB Asks for More Money – Gotta pay those board members. [CFO]
Hairy Issues: Are You Flaunting Your Heavage?The Journal does it again. [DB]
Judge ends Enron shareholder lawsuit against banks – Eight years after the E went down, investors have recovered approximately 30 cents on the dollar. [Reuters]
Tax Court Allows Nurse to Deduct Cost of University of Phoenix MBA – ‘An MBA degree is different from a degree that serves as foundational qualification to attain a professional license. For instance, this Court had denied deductions for law school expenses, because a law degree qualifies a taxpayer for the new trade or business of being a lawyer.’ [TaxProf Blog]