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Review Comments | 12.01.09

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for two thumbs up.jpegSeveral blogs mentioned here are nominated for ABA Journal’s Top 100: TaxProf Blog (Legal Theory), Tax Girl (Practice), and our sister site Above the Law (News). You can view all the nominees ABA Journal but kindly vote for these. They’re good people. [ABA Journal]
Recommended Reading for Accountants in a Job Search – Courtesy of Lou Grabowsky, GT’s soon-to-be COO. [FINS]
Most asked questions of 2009 reveal our financial psyche – No, “Where’s my raise?” was not among them. [CFOZone]
Daszkal Bolton Merges in Chaves & Armstrong – Marriage was effective today. Send them a red pencil. [Web CPA]
The Donor Bill of Rights – Looking for some last minute charitable contributions? Consider these first. [Nonprofit GPS]
AIG Uses Accounting Gimmick To Reduce Money It Owes Taxpayers By $25 Billion – Try to act surprised. [Clusterstock]