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Review Comments | 11.02.09

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ey_bandaids.jpgErnst & Young acquires tech-consulting firm – “Capital City Technologies will become part of the government and public-sector group of Ernst & Young’s Advisory Practice.” [Washington Technology]
Kroeker: Keep Converging With or Without Roadmap – Basically what the Chief Accountant is saying is, “Don’t wait up for us. Whatever you decide is fine, unless we don’t like it and then we reserve the right to torpedo it back to the Stone Age.” [Web CPA]
What Are We – Laborers, Factories, or Spare Parts? The Tax Treatment of Transfers of Human Body Materials – “Of particular significance in this debate is whether human bodies can only provide services, or if their materials can constitute property of the person from whose body they come: whether the human body is exclusively a laborer, or if it can also be a factory or a collection of spare parts.” [Lisa Milot, University of Georgia Law via TaxProf Blog]
A Growing Divide – Regarding personal debt per person to GDP per person: “[S]imple graphs that tell a powerful story.” [Financial Armageddon]
Allen Stanford Is A ‘Sir’ No More – And you think life is unfair? [DB]
IRS Claims 2 Out of 3 Taxpayers Now E-File – But as, TG points out, less returns. Nice try, IRS. [Tax Girl]