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Review Comments | 08.05.09

stanford10.jpgWho Will Defend R. Allen Stanford? – There’s always…hmmm, anyone? [DealBook]
Judge Orders Sale of Creation Science Theme Park to Pay Evangelist’s Tax Debts Agnostic judge probably. [TaxProf Blog]
The alleged grifter who duped corporate giants – The fairer sex, taking it to the man. [Fortune]
A Battle of Goliaths: Michael Bloomberg and His Gun Control Group Take on the NRA – At least this is a fair match. [Washington Post]
Huron’s ex-CEO cashed out $8.3 million since last July But it wasn’t about the money. [Greg Burns/Chicago Tribune]
IRS Commissioner Joins alliantgroup [Press Release]
Bernard Madoff and the Solo Auditor Red Flag [Ross D. Fuerman]
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