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Remember Accountants, Busy Season Makes You Stronger

Over the days, weeks, and months of this busy season and busy seasons past, we have offered up many videos for your visual and audio enjoyment. Their quality ranges from downright awful to the legendary to debates over (red)beards. And some videos are even instructional in nature.

The latest effort serves as a reminder more than anything else. It reminds you that lyrics about auditing, while cringe-worthy, are moderately hilarious. It reminds you that sunglasses must be worn at all times to protect your eyes from the fluorescent bulbs and sunlight in the off-chance that you actually venture outside. But most of all, it reminds you that if you make it to the end of busy season above ground (not a guarantee), you'll be stronger and maybe even smarter for it.

Here's some cursory analysis:

  • This is the second instance of unattributed Nietzsche in just over two weeks.
  • I was initially thrown off by "wronger" but Kanye uses it in the original lyrics, so I guess that's good enough.
  • Who's the partner (I'm assuming) at 0:53 that got talked into this? 
  • Has anyone ever uttered the word "staffies"?
  • The laptop shot at ~1:27 has to be a Say Anything… reference.
  • The journal entry on the whiteboard is a new low.
  • For those wondering, Ernst & Whinney were first affiliated in 1924 and were officially a partnership in 1979.
  • A Lion King reference? Is that childhood favorite or something?
  • Ending with the hoodie. Nice.

Any further note-worthy moments? Leave your comments below.